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Electric Vehicle
Number:  KPEV 9
Name:  Electric Vehicle
Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 2340x1550x1550mm 
Passenger Capacity Person: 2
Wheelbase: 1650 mm
Wheel centre distance (front/back): 1250/1300mm
Minimum gap to the ground (with full loaded): 155mm 
Minimum swerve radius:  3.8m
Wheel and tyre size:   145/70R12 145R 12C 81/79N
Maximum climbing angle: (with full loaded)  >30
Battery charging time:  6-8h
Longest mileage after being charged:  130km 
Weight of passengers that are allowed: 200kg 
Measurements of luggage area: 0.15BM
Max speed:  55-60km/h (adjustable)
Net weight of the electric car: 960kg
loading of the front bearing: 700kg
loading of the back bearing: 600kg
Type of power-generation: exchange asynchronous frequency
Motor power:  8.5kw(AC Servo Motor)
Type of battery   12V120Ax10(maintenance-free)
Braking system: brake drum in both front and back(Hydraulic Braking System)
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