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ATV With Track
Number:  KPAT 01
Name:  ATV With Track
Assembly Weight: Approx. 88lbs/40kg    
Type of Vehicle: All kinds of 4WD ATV    
Track Tread Width: 10"/255mm    
Ground Clearance: 15.2"/385mm    
Ground Contact Length: 22.2"/563mm    
Ground Surface Area Contact: Minimum: 215 square inches/0.14m   
Gear-Reduction: 2/3 increase in gear reduction on vehicle with 25 inch standard tire    
Sprocket Diameter: 16.2"/412mm    
Sprocket Material: aluminium alloy    
Wheel Material: high-strength, resilient synthetic polymers    
Paint (color): Black    
Recommended Maximum Speed: 70km/h    
Turning Radius: Same as original    
Approach Angle:  Up to 90 degree    
Departure Angle: Up to 80 degree   
Terrain: All terrain(Including hard surface, swamp, mud, snow, sand, obstacles, rocks etc.)    
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